About Coconut-Soy wax candle


Why is coconut-soy wax good for candles?

From long time ago, paraffin wax candle was popular with less expensive and easy to purchase anywhere.  However, we have more options now since the candle industries are improving with lots of natural  resources such as soybean, coconut, bees, and other plant-base ingredients.  The coconut and soy are known as one of the luxurious one for recent candle lovers.   Most people have at least one scented candle in their home to enjoy of fragrance, remove odors after cooking, and mood for relaxation after a long day from the work.  Here is special coconut-soy wax candle that offer an array of benefits from eco-friendly ingredients that will make your home more natural.

Let's take a look at why you should choose coconut-soy wax candles in your home.

1. Cleaner burning & non-toxic

Coconut-soy wax candles burning with less soot and good for those who undergone from allergies or asthma.   Also, Coconut-soy wax doesn't emit any toxic substances into the air.  You don't worry about potential health risk and getting dirty walls from emitting bad chemicals. If you have allergy reactions with soy or coconut, you need to purchase other candle made with other ingredients.

 2. Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

One of the key benefits of coconut-soy wax is that it is a natural biodegradable and renewable resources that is well known as super food in the world.   Also, It is better for the environment than any other types of candle waxes on the market.  Using coconut-soy wax is one of the way to save the globe and climate changes when it burned since it doesn.t emit as much soot and smoke.

3. It lasts longer- A little one runs long way!  

This coconut-soy was burns at a low temperature and slower than other types of wax. That means it will last longer than other forms of candles.   So it is cost effective for consumers who want to save their money.  

4. It smells captivating!  

This coconut-soy wax has not too much strong smells like a paraffin candles, but it is natural and beautiful.  It's coconut-soy wax hold fragrance oils more effectively than other waxes and provide beautiful scents rather than just strong smell.

5. Easy to cleaning  

They are very easy to clean up if you split out the candle on the flat surface.  You can just remove hardened candle and clean up with wet paper towels onto the spot.   So how easy to handle them.